Venice Carnival

The Carnival is the most popular event in Venice. Every year on February the city explodes with fun and laughter and huge festive crowds fill the St Mark's Square and thousands of other squares in the city. Free shows, period costume parades, concerts, living history, children's entertainment, wild all-night dancing, food tasting and other sensory experiences. This is Carnival. A stimulating experience to suit everyone's tastes. The "Flight of the Angel" and the proclamation of the "Maria of the Carnival" are the main events of the Venetian Mardi Grasso.

Redeemer's Day

On the third Sunday of July, every year, Venice celebrates the Festa del Redentore or the Redeemer Day. The Redeemer Day is a traditional venetian festival with focus on the island of Giudecca. In addition to the religious event, the party should be remembered as ”The Famous Night of Fireworks” .


The Vogalonga is a 30 km rowing race held in May, through the city of Venice and the lagoon up to Burano island. As a non-competitive event, VOGALONGA has become a moment of “rediscovering” the lagoon, its sites, and its habitat.


Historical Regatta, one of the most important event of the year in Venice takes place in Venice on the Grand Canal on the first Sunday of September attracting every year thousands of people.


The Venice Marathon is a marathon race that takes place annually in October on the classic distance of 42.195 kilometers starting from Stra and arrival in Venice.